Principal message

Principal message

"Purity of an Angel, beauty of a blossom, a child is a blessing showered upon us from heaven"

It is indeed a matter of great pride and privilege the noble task of guiding the young minds to realise their true potential.

I am fortunate to be the H.O.S. of Rainbow which has always provided us with the innumerable opportunities and platforms to freely extract and exhibit our innate talent. I firmly believe that a child's mind fresh and untapped but ready to explore, adapt and absore the greatest lessons of mankind "The art of being Himself". He is all set to put forward his share of individuality and knowledge in the ever expanding world.

We, at School educate & help them to analyse their hyper energies in the right directions without suppressing the creativity and freedom of expression.

The image of rainbow begin to take shape with the vision, the ideology and the philosophy of the school which forms it backbone and projects institution in a positive frame. A rigorous academic program is our Prime Focus, but we do have an equally outstanding co-curricular and extracurricular agenda for students in doors them with a much needed Holistic education to give them a competitive edge over their counterpart elsewhere. Hence I am quite confident that every child in our school would enjoy a bit of success in their lives which is essential in building the self esteem. I take this opportunity to thank almighty for his generous blessings bestowed upon of our school to various stakeholders. At last my sincere thanks for each and everyone for the valuable contributions and hardwork to take our Institutions to greater heights as our Motto "Honest Labour Pays"


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