Rainbow English Sr. Sec. School takes an immense pleasure in announcing that we the pioneers in imparting quality education and the Edu. Comp and NIIT n guru has joined hands together to facilitate teaching learning process and to solve day to day critical educational problems technologically,

Edu. Comp and NIIT n guru smart classes offer rich content repository, highly animated knowledge packed,artistically designed pedagogically aligned, audio visual modules, based on universal concept synchronized to curriculum which help students and teachers as follows:-

• Learning becomes interesting.
• Teaching becomes easier.
• Today’s generation becomes more techno savvy.


These are digitally connected to the knowledge centre. Through the knowledge centre excellent teaching resources such as animation clips, videos, picture, diagrams, and working models etc are brought straight into the class rooms..

The Audio Visual room is mainly used for extra classes and supplementary subjects’ classes. The room is very comfortably furnished and fully air conditioned. As the name suggests the audio visual room is aptly equipped with necessary gadgets for conducting audio visual lessons. There is a dedicated computer and a high quality projector which the teachers and the students can make use of during the teaching learning process, group
discussions, speeches etc.

The Audio Visual rooms are also used for conducting various workshops for teachers, students and as well as parents.