“Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way”.

These words of Abraham Lincoln hold true, in an era, where “Knowledge has become power”.

Student development at Rainbow English School is to provide to each student, challenges and opportunities to develop the skills and competencies taking each one of them, awakening the faith in the beauty inside them, providing them avenues to search for unanswered questions, teaching to honour the courage inside them and to give all, as they climb high.

These are the times, where shared understating between the teachers and the taught become crucial to the effective promotion of action, and we believe, each one of us should be lauded for the results directed from dedication and devotion.

Let us stop and remind ourselves that perfections are limitless. Then, even when we reach where we aimed to reach, there shall be new horizons to touch. Let us strive to stand, the rising expectation of the school and the nation, and above all, let us reach what we dream of.

Today the achievements in science and technology have indeed enabled us to see the world in a grain of sand and realize our impossible dreams.

Rainbow School has always tried to awaken the inner strength of each child and enable him to be a good human being.

I see great responsibility of all educators today and would like to make an appeal to them……

Let us move away from simply educating to “educaring”.

Going down the memory lane has perhaps never been so difficult because as you delve into it your realise that it is not a lane, but a kaleidoscope, an enriching mine, where each experience glitters for attention, where each memory presses for articulation.

“kites rise against and not with the wind”….. our courage, our fortitude, perseverance, hope and attitude will determine the highest heights of success on which we will soar. And then, there are always new roads to chart, new depths to dive, and new horizons to touch…..

There are always roads of thorns for the innovative soul, but as we move on, we should not give way to regret later on.

I am sure this fusion of views and thoughts will help you understand the intricacies of life, and
shall help you stand in good stead everywhere you go.

Warm Wishes….

Dr. J.R.Kashyap

Rainbow Group of Schools

Delhi and Himachal Pradesh