The responsibility of schools lies in their commitment of facilities each child to realize his/her divine potential and groom them as confident citizens of the nation. The school’s endeavour is to make learning an important resource for the child’s social behavior and personality. This also helps them in their path to accomplish their objectives through value based ideas and principles.

A sharp eye for observation and a sharp skill to pen down the observation and feelings develop the emotional bond between teachers and students. Education should extend beyond the classroom to involve students in experimental learning , placing significant emphasis on developing leadership and communication skills in students.

I firmly believe that school is a place in which all children grow not just in size and knowledge but also in curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, resourcefulness, patience, competence and understanding.

The child’s minds is fresh and untapped but ready to explore , adapt and absorb the greatest lesion of manking “ The Art Of Being Himself”

Mr Sourabh Kashyap
Vice Principal