The world around us is changing tremendously and this reminds me that

the school should also understand the changing trends. The deterioration in moral values in children is a matter of great concern. In this regard we have the awakening citizen programmer in collaboration with R.K. Mission. We at Rainbow have set on a journey to impart value education at its best which surely will prepare the child to meet the challenges in life.

The school also witnessed a gamut of success in sports, literary activities, science & technology, which was indeed a treat for every member and I being the principal savored it immensely.

Advocating on the fact that love & care can take us to places we nurtured every child providing a platform to bloom & groom. Through education, the energy in the students was channelized in the right direction suppressing the creativity &freedom of expression.

Today Rainbow is more than a school; it’s a movement that is transforming not just the sphere of education, but society at large. Today’s generation of students has an unparallel knowledge base, a vibrant dynamism, an acute consciousness of the world around them and an inevitable desire to excel beyond seam.

One gentle push and pat from us in the right direction is all that is needed to open up the minds !

Mrs. A. Raghavan